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Did you know that Aweber has a fantastic underused tool called Hidden Fields? When implemented correctly, they can power your list building like crazy. The truth is though that you will not often (if at all) find this hidden gem discussed in the top marketing forums, simply because "they" do not want you to know how to implement these strategies into your own campaigns.

WHY? Because once you discover this simple, yet coveted method, you will NEVER Look back!

Following Instruction, or Reading an
EBook Can Make it Hard to Learn

EBooks are still great, and they have their place in sharing great knowledge with us. But there is nothing better than being shown the ropes, like sitting on my shoulder whilst I walk you, step by step through the minefield of confusing looking code and links.



* Everything is Inside, even the Sample Code you need to insert into pages, plus the walkthrough of how to do it :)

* Learn about Hidden Fields and Why there are a Tool you MUST Master!

* Walk through of The Whole List Set Up

* Learn How to Make Your Lists BETTER & More effective

* Become a List Builder to Follow

* Watch this course and be implementing the content in the next 24 hours!

All Included in your Full Video Course


I am not one to leave out the good bits and keep for myself. The reality is that even if thousands of people got their hands on this course, it will still never become a saturation problem. This is just great, easy to follow content that will teach you the way you should of been told to set up your lists and your forms on your sites for list building.

Imagine having the option to share YOUR AUTORESPONDER SERIES with anyone on your list, either with Campaign Sharing, or by Hard Coding Your AFFILIATES Links into YOUR Follow Up Series (even your broadcast emails).

Imagine this scenario.

You have spent hours (maybe even days) researching a great product on Clickbank and you have put it to good use. You would love to share this with the world and reward your affiliates for promoting it to everyone that they know.

The old way would be that you write the entire series, and then you send that to your affiliates for them to set up in their autoresponder accounts. Imagine how happy they would be when you tell them to just promote YOUR OPT IN Page using their affiliate ID in the URL and THEIR Affiliate link will then be included in every message in your follow up sequence ;)

POWERFUL STUFF & Your affiliates will LOVE you for it!


    • Video 1 - Introduction to the Course

    • Video 2 - Setting up your List Part A

    • Video 3 - Setting up your List Part B

    • Video 4 - Using cPanel Autoresponders to assist your business Management

    • Video 5 - Setting up Your List Part C

    • Video 6 - The Welcome Email

    • Video 7 - Setting up the Web Form

    • Video 8 - Follow Up Series & Campaign Sharing

    • Video 9 - Broadcast Emails

    • Video 10 - Automation of your Lists

    • Video 11 - Hard Coding Clickbank Affiliate Links (this will
      allow affiliate to refer others to YOUR OPT IN with their ID's)

    • Video 12 - Getting the Maximum value from your Broadcasts

    • Video 13 - List Management & Banning Users

If you want to play the game like the professionals and give yourself the best opportunity to get the best from your list building structure, then take time out and access this video tutorial course today! Don't wait and sit on the fence, or you will soon find that the people on your own list who have watched this course will be taking action and getting you to build their business for them!

Remember, I walk you through each step, even taking the time to include a resources file that gives you the code you need to use (just copy and paste as I show you in the video) and you will be ready to begin maxmizing your list building potential.

As always, I am not leaving you high and dry. I have a special Love It or Dont Pay for it Guarantee!

This Investment will pay you back a hundred times or more. I cannot promise that I will keep the price this low for long. Packed with Features and Information, this Full Video Training Awaits you Inside. Stop Procrastinating and Make the most of your List Building, starting RIGHT NOW!


ORDER TODAY, and I will throw in Two BONUS Videos for you to Enjoy and to Make Your LIFE EASIER!

  • Bonus 1 - How to make Web Form Templates your own using your own images in the form set up process.
  • Bonus 2 - Using various form types for your web pages to get the best results.
  • Bonus 3 - Backing Up Your Aweber List(s)

These 3 BONUS VIDEOS are all yours when you take advantage of this Full Video Course Today.


Best Wishes,

Ken Sar


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